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This survey involved respondents who work as civil servants in Penang. They are divided into two groups; Muslim and non-Muslim civil servants. In addition, the selected respondents also made up of consumer and and non-consumer of Islamic banking.

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Chart 1.1 Research Population


This survey involved a sample of 100 respondents representing civil servants. The respondents are civil servants who served in the Office of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumer of Penang and educators of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Permatang Rawa.

The questionnaire for this survey consists of three parts; Part A, B and C. There are eight questions in part A which pertain to the respondent’s background. These questions aimed to understand the demographic profile of the respondents.

Part B consists of eight questions related to respondents’ general views on the banking system which include the knowledge on interest-free banking system. These questions aimed to comprehend the perception of civil servants in Penang towards the banking systems which adopt interest rate in their service and the one which are not.

Part C comprised of eleven questions which ended the questionnaire. In this section, the questions aimed to look at the civil servants’ perception towards the position and development of Islamic banking system. Acceptance of public servants in term of their readiness to deal with this system is also subjected in this section.

Questionnaires distributed are based on previous thesis by Mohd Kamal Omar, a scholar in the field of management.

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