ADVANCEMENT OF WOMEN: Important Committees

Posted by Kathryn Schwartz on February 17, 2014

Important Committees

Towards Equality:

o Development of Training Programming in production and market organisation to develop self employment
o Development of training – cum-production centers in small scale or cottage industries in both rural and urban areas to provide employment to women near their homes.

National Plan of Action for Men – 1976.

National plan stated that
• Significant constraints for women to take up Self-Employment
o Illiteracy
o Attitude of men or society at large o Inadequacy of credit facilities o Lack of training facilities for women
o Inadequate knowledge about opportunities and market conditions and inadequate marketing arrangements

• Analysis of present self employment opportunities of women indicate three broad classifications (for urban/rural separately)

o Traditional occupations open to women on the basis of their castes
o The self-employment occupation recently adopted by women
o The self-employment opportunities that are now being sponsored and encouraged and in which women’s participation should be encouraged.

• Action Plan: Each organisation and agency concerned with self-employment opportunities will be required to do the following.

o Identify those occupations which fall in category a b & c above, which they can encourage and indicate specific plan
o Organise publicity through mass media especially in rural areas.
o Develop special assistance to women entrepreneurs in terms of credit, processing, licensing, requirements of raw materials, organising marketing etc.
o Provide support to voluntary organisaitons, co-operatives promoting self-employment Special training services, credit, and marketing facilities extended in regard to crafts which can have ready export market through modernisation of designs etc.

• Report on working Group on Employment of Women – September 1978.

In the context of the preparation of the Sixth Five Year Plan, the Planning Commission set up a Working Group on Employment of Women to examine ways and means of increasing their employment.

The working group found that the problems of women’s employment were characterised by

o The inability of women to reach for services and assistance programmes offered by government and semi-government institutions.
o Lack awareness among institutions about the need to promote employment of women.
o The tendency of economically powerful organisations to obtain financial and other assistance in the name of women but diverting it to other areas of investment, and
o The failure of technological modernisation of serval industries in expanding employment opportunities for women, skill training opportunities and upward mobility of women workers.

• The Group recommended

o Earmarking of funds in sectoral plans.
o Increasing women’s participation in decision making processes
o Collection of micro level data on employment conditions and unemployment situation and skill profile of local women.

Sharam Shakti

Report of the National Commission on Self Employed Women and Women in the informal Sector – June 188


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