Posted by Kathryn Schwartz on February 19, 2014

o Banking policy needs be in favour of women with greater amount of flexibility. o Banks should have counters and extension workers exclusively for women o Opening of women’s cooperative banks should be facilitated.
o Mahila mandals, women’s groups. Anganwadi workers, State Advisory Boards and Women’s Development Corporations can act as intermediary between banks and women borrowers for completing paperwork and channeling loans.
o The Government should, devise suitable channels through which such loans to petty vendors can be extended.
o If the husband has been a defaulter, the women are disqualified from getting loans. This needs to be reviewed. If it is seen that the women is not being used as a screen for a further loans by the husband, it would not be proper to deprive the wife from taking the loan because the husband is a defaulter.

o The economic status of a loan should be taken into account and the amount sanctioned should be such that a portion of it may be used for wiping out old debt as only then can economic ventures be started. A realistic and human approach by the banking, financial and other institutions will help poorest of the poor women.
o An exclusive credit body for poor and self-employed women may be set up due to the inability of the existing institutionalised credit systems to cater for the needs of women workers. The proposed credit body can, improve the equity base of the voluntary organisations by providing loans to them on soft term basis. Ownership and management of this institution should represent voluntary sector largely. Poor women can directly be shareholders of this organisation which can be head by a trust.

Self Employment Programmes

o For the programmes; strengthening the training component of skill, entrepreneurship and management, supporting it in the areas of raw materials and marketing; and introducing continuous evaluation Planning for selfemployment for women needs a multi-pronged strategy. The planning should also incorporate measures like child care and child development, technology to reduce drudgery of women, organisation of women and overall development of women.
o It is also necessary to give joint titles to women to improve their access to the credit market. The joint ownership should be extended to all the types of productive assets and to the present status of ownership also.
o Appropriate extension strategy should be adopted to reach them. Female extension officers/staff should be appointed.
o Special attention is to be paid to the needs of female-headed families.
o Organisations of women for crediting awareness, for production activities as well as for creating solidarity among women, will contribute considerably to eradicate women’s poverty.
o DWCRA could be improved by detailing guidelines of the programme.

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