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Create Critical Momentum

Posted by Kathryn Schwartz on March 01, 2014
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Create Critical Momentum

The dissolution of paths demands critical momentum. That refers to the point when moving force is greater than the force of inertia. Reaching momentum requires valuable resources from organizations. Therefore, organizations should build common understandings and norms among their members in order to acquire necessary resources and eventually use them as generators of moving force. In addition, the magnitude of such momentum should be significant enough to overcome the resistance of old paths (Garud & Karnoe, 2001). Picture a huge, heavy flywheel. Now imagine that your task is to get the flywheel rotating on the axle. The great mass of the flywheel does not move at all despite of your effort. A few hours later, you finally realize that you cannot move the flywheel by yourself. So you call your close friends and explain to them why you need to move this flywheel, and why you need their help. Now you and your friends push together. Finally, you get the flywheel to move forward! 1 The momentum of new paths begins with this first movement of the flywheel. However, this momentum does not mean that organizations have already succeeded in building new paths.

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